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France - 15/06/2016

It was so easy! I won a cool diary and a poster of London and a US flag

Spain - 23/05/2016

The big challenge was so much fun! Now I can't wait to see our prizes!

Netherlands - 11/05/2016

I got 244 points! I am the first in my class :DD I am so proud and happy!

Netherlands - 08/05/2016

The Big Challenge is so much fun! I will do it again next year and this time with my friends :)

Spain - 16/04/2016

Guys am I the only one stressed? :$ Just 2 weeks left!

France - 13/04/2016

The apps are really cool! Especially the Yes/No game! I hope that it will help me get a nice prize :))) Fingers crossed!!

Sweden - 01/04/2016

Good luck everyone!

Germany - 31/03/2016

I heard that you can win a tablet?! I think that I should pratise a little more!

France - 26/03/2016

We can't wait for the Big Challenge! A few more weeks to go :-D

France - 01/03/2016

My school will take part in the Big Challenge this year. I am happy! I hope that I will win a nice prize!

2HV2 - 18/04/2016

Morgen is het zo ver!!! Zin in!!!!

8A - 01/04/2016

Looking forward to THE BIG CHALLENGE 2016! :)

The Big Challenge
TBC - 22/03/2016

As you can see on the Practise page on the site, we have developed several apps to help students prepare for the contest: the Quiz, the Yes No Game and the News. We are working on other apps as well. By practising regularly with these apps, you will progress quickly and measure your progress by taking part in the different rankings each month.

1tt2 - 21/03/2016

i am going to take part of it this year, does anyone has tips to prepare??

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