Ms. G

I have heard a lot of good comments about your competition. This year I've registered all my classes. See you soon for the results!

Ms. Philly

It's a great opportunity for students to practise English in a different way

Mr. H

I have received the registration form and the posters. They are very popular with students who are very eager to participate in the Big Challenge again. The new training space is just awesome. Thank you for this fantastic contest that motivates students

Mr. B

I love the Big Challenge, can't wait for the 2018 contest! See you in April!

Ms. Yang

My students and I are excited to participate in the Big Challenge for the first time! I have never seen them so motivated to learn English! What a great pleasure to supervise the organisation of the event!

Ms. Langston

I have never organised the competition in my school before, but I would love to give it a try! Let's see what my students think of it

Ms. Robert

I love the fact that with your contest, students are all winners. Thank you!

Mr. Faulkner

Hello and thank you for your organisation and dedication! We need more people like you to motivate our students to play the "language" card :)

Ms. Carolyn

A huge thank you for all your excellent work and organisation!

Ms. Lou

I am excited to take part in the contest with my students for the first time next year! To me they are all winners if they get to learn something in the process but heh would not say no to some prizes!

Ms. Metten

This year, I encourage my students to study in the computer room during lunch break because the Big Challenge games are absolutely fantastic!

Mr. Q

I asked my students if they wanted to participate again and the whole class said YES!

Ms. Haart

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! See you next year!

Ms. K.

It was fun taking part to The Big Challenge for the first time! My students particularly enjoyed the training apps! Can't wait to see what's new next year

Mr. Grenier

Thank you very much for this experience! The students had a lot of fun and were very proud of their achievements. Great initiative!

Ms. Jane

This 1st edition of the Big Challenge was a success in our school! I The students really enjoyed the experience and it was a delight for me to guide them through this journey. See you soon

Ms. Schoenberg

I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole English team. The students really enjoyed the contest and their prizes! It was our first time and most certainly not the last :)

Mr. Stachulec

Life is all about experience, and this one was great! My students loved it from the training sessions until the thrilling D-day. Perfect combination between fun, excitement and learning. See you in 2018 !

Ms. dewaele

Our students loved to join, but they have examinations in that week. What a pity! It would have been the first time that our school would participate. Better luck next year...

Ms. Verduyn

We would love to take part in this contest, but our pupils have exams on March 23rd. Is there a possibility for our pupils to join the big challenge any time sooner than March?

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