Mr. Benet

My pupils cannot wait for the 2017 Big Challenge Edition!

Ms. Anna

I have just discovered the YES NO Game (it was my students who told me about it !) and I think it’s really fabulous. And it’s great that they can hear the correct pronunciation of the words. It’s addictive once you get started! Great idea!

Mr. Steve

Thank you for a fantastic competition, very well organized with fun apps and nice prizes. We were very happy to participate this year and are looking forward to next year’s contest!

Mr. Alan

We are so grateful for all your good work. Thank you for the wonderful prizes. My students are looking forward to taking the Challenge next year.

Ms. S.S

Thank you for a fantastic competition, very well organized and with a fun website and nice prizes. We are looking forward to interacting with schools from other countries and are looking forward to next year´s competition!

Mr. Francis

I am so pleased to see how enthusiastic my students are this year. They’ve been training hard and stressing a bit, but everyone seems delighted with the experience. As far as I’m concerned, they are all winners if they learn a bit of English through their efforts. But we’ll still be happy to have prizes to hand out ;-)!!

Ms. Ms. E

My students have started practising for the contest and they are really enjoying it. The YES NO Game is particularly fun for them. And they can play it on their smartphone. Good idea!

Ms. E.L

I asked my students if they wanted to take part again this year and the whole class cried YES !

Mr. Robert

We are very excited about the Big Challenge. It will be our first participation and probably not the last!”

Ms. Tina

We are looking forward to the Big Challenge! The apps are great tools to prepare before the Big Day!

Ms. Libby

What a great idea to have students from so many different countries come together to take the Big Challenge!

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