A fun year in English

with the events

Year-round events


Throughout the year, participate in events alone or with your class. Here we don’t measure your level, but your involvement. And some special events will give you the chance to win great prizes.

Every action counts to earn points


Every time you come to the PLAY+ application, play, score and progress in the game, your points are recorded and accumulate throughout the event.

  • You start a game >> you get points
  • You play the game >> the points scored accumulate
  • ou play for 5 minutes >> you get points
  • You play for 10 minutes >> you get even more points
  • You play 3 days in a row >> you get extra points
  • … and so on !

Access from the beginning of the school year and all year round


As soon as you register, you have access to the application and can log in whenever you want.

The CLASS Challenge : a challenge for the whole class. Each point earned on the application is added to the points accumulated by the class. You participate in the victory of the group.

The SOLO Challenge, to reward individual commitment. All students have an equal chance of winning, regardless of their level of English. The higher you go in the leagues, the more chances you have to win a great prize !

A prize for every event


For The CLASS Challenge, a medal swill be awarded to each participating class. This medal will be awarded by the teacher to the most deserving student.
And the top 10% nationally will receive a superbe trophy.

For The SOLO Challenge, a very nice prize will be offered to the most involved students and will be sent together with the prizes for the end-of-year competition.


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