What is the Big Challenge ?

Play games. Win prizes.
Get better at English.

With The Big Challenge, you can play in the Game Zone all year to improve your English. After all that training, you’re ready to take part in The Big Challenge contest in March and win amazing prizes!

Play English games

The Game Zone’s free and fun games let you practise English. You improve your English just by playing!

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Awesome prizes for everyone

Do your best for a chance of winning a top prize. There are thousands up for grabs.

Everyone who enters receives a prize and a certificate. You’ve nothing to lose!


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Contest demo

You do the contest on a computer or a tablet. Check out the demo to see the kind of questions you’ll be asked.

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Want to enter the contest?

That’s great! Only schools can register for The Big Challenge contest, so print this information leaflet and give it to your English teacher.

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