The Boost Award

What is the Boost Award?

You don’t need to be the best at English to win prizes in The Big Challenge. Each year we reward students who have achieved a certain score in the contest. This prize is called the Boost Award.

We believe that it is important to motivate all students to do their best, not just those who are already very strong in English. An average student may believe that he or she will never be good enough to win a prize, but with the Award – and their best efforts – they can!

So while winners at school, region and national level are rewarded with top prizes, their classmates are also in with a chance to win a prize they will be proud of. One that could inspire them to even greater future success.


To motivate even more students and increase the chance of winning, this year we brought the number of prizes given out up to 50.

The 50 winners will be chosen by lucky draw from among the participants who have fulfilled the condition of the Award. 

How can they win?

The Boost Award winners are chosen by lucky draw. To be entered into the draw, participants have to fulfill the following condition:
answer half of the questions correctly.

What can they win?

An Award winner will be given one of the four prizes below. The prizes will be distributed at random.


A photobook “America the Beautiful”, a pencil case, virtual reality glasses, a ping-pong set.


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