Ms. Robert

First participation and certainly not the last one. It was a great experience as a teacher and my students loved it. This big challenge gave them good motivation, I even discovered their competitive mind and yet team spirit as well . Thank you for this fun activity.

Ms. B

I announced our participation in the contest to my students and they are already looking forward to it and they are already practicing with the app "The Big Challenge Play". It's amazing to see how much motivation they have!

Ms. Willems

I had trouble registering my students online, but The Big Challenge team took the time to explain everything and guide me through, thank you so much!

Ms. H

I register all of my students for the contest every year! Thank you for thinking of the teachers with the Teacher Pack! Can't wait to receive it!

Ms. Jacobs

Like every year, I have applied for my registration form and I am looking forward to the beautiful posters so that I can decorate my classroom.

Ms. Mertens

I have been taking part in The Big Challenge for three years now: I am delighted that the competition has evolved and offers new prizes every year. One of my students has already been a regional winner and I hope that will be the case again this year!

Mr. Janssen

My colleague introduced me to The Big Challenge and showed me the prizes his students won last year. It's my first registration this year and I know I won't be disappointed!

Ms. Diallo

I had never heard of this contest until last year, but it sounds interesting! I'm going to sign up my class!

Mr. De Smet

I have taken part in the contest several times with my different classes and have only received positive feedback! The Big Challenge rewards everyone, regardless of their level!

Ms. Claasen

I never thought that a contest could influence and motivate my students so much!

Mr. Peeters

Many thanks to The Big Challenge team for providing our students with interesting and motivating content! The Class Challenge was a great success, my students were so involved!

Ms. de vos

The whole school is really looking forward to the contest!

Ms. Aalbertsberg

We did the challenge this morning. The pupils were really excited and they asked to do it again next year.

Ms. Abbing

We just enrolled our school for the Big Challenge 2023 and we cannot wait!

Ms. De jong

I had a question concerning the registration and the Big Challenge Team was so helpful and kind!

Mr. Hendriks


Ms. M.J.

Iedereen verheugt zich op de wedstrijd

Mr. K.

I never heard of this challenge before but I'm definitely going to register our school (:

Mr. De bruin

My students can't wait... :)

Mr. Maas

My students love the Big Challenge and they are so motivated now.

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