Mr. K.

Students are excited to know their rankings!

Ms. Valle

The way The Big Challenge manage to adapt from the current global situation is really pleasant

Mr. Ropis

Thank you to be flexible regarding the organization of this contest!

Ms. Katen

I am glad to see motivation from my students and all thanks to English Every Day, thank you to provide us nice educational tools!

Mrs. Catherina

It is so pleasant to see the student enjoying learning English thanks to the tools you provide!

Mr. R.

My students are ready to pass the test all thanks to English Every Day, thank you!

Ms. Mart

Thank you very much for motivating our students thanks to the contest and English Every Day!

Ms. B.

We really appreciated that you managed to make the contest still happen during last year. We are excited to do it again this year.

Ms. Bourreau

The Big Challenge a été la bouffée d'air frais dont mais classes avaient besoin au printemps dernier ! Un grand merci à vous et au plaisir de vous retrouver l'année prochaine

Mr. Malte Huis

My students love English Every Day! Thank you for providing us with such a great tool to motivate our classes

Ms. Ellen Vrijdag

We really appreciated the fact that the Big Challenge was maintained last year despite the pandemic. It was the opportunity for our English department to do something fun with th pupils. You can count us in this year!

Ms. Ms Heijne

Thank you for your support during this difficult period. My students are absolute fan of the Big Challenge and we look forward to taking part again this year!

Mr. Mertens

Thank you for adding an additional contest week: it its more easy for us to organise!

Ms. Bowen

My English class is usually training thanks to the Gamezone. They are ready for the big day!

Ms. Lambert

It's so much fun when all students do it together! We love the Big Challenge!

Ms. Dijkstra

Our school had a national winner last year: I am very proud

Mr. Sow

Me and my colleagues decided to register all students this year, I'm looking forward to include the contest in my lesson planning!

Mr. M. d G.

We paused last year, but now we're participating again, with even more participants

Ms. Nguyen

This year's prizes look exciting, very happy for the students

Ms. Sarah B.

I'm looking forward to the Listening skills evaluation, this is great preparation for students who wants to do Cambridge English tests that include listening, reading, writing and reading skills!

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