An excellent motivation tool

Motivation guaranteed

With The Big Challenge, your students and your classes practice English while having fun. Playing in the PLAY app, taking part in the contest at the end of the year, and at the prize-giving ceremony, they have a very positive experience of learning English. 


✔    Students train all year in the PLAY app (over 10  million games were played in 2018).

✔    They work hard to try to be first and win prestigious trophies, medals, and tablets.

✔  Parents say they have never seen their children so engaged.

✔   With all this additional effort, students make significant progress in English.


A positive experience


The prize-giving is a highlight of the year for students.

Each student will be able to download their official certificate with their score and rankings. This is a very useful document to keep with their school records.

The top students in each level receive the special First Class Honours diploma and the School Award medal.

  Over 50% of students win another prize: UK and US flags, graphic novels in English, school diaries, graded readers or electronic devices…

The regional and national winners receive the prestigious cups, the First Class National Honours Gold Diploma and the Big Challenge T-shirt.

✔ With all these prizes, a prize-giving ceremony organised in your school is a wonderful way to congratulate your students and end the school year on a positive note.


Simple to organise


Our team is here to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, making The Big Challenge the best possible experience for you and your students.  

The Big Challenge is an online contest, so it is easy to organise in your school.

In each school, a teacher is designated BIG CHALLENGE COORDINATOR and will be our contact person. 

The Coordinator registers the school online and ensures that there will be enough computers or tablets with an internet connection for all the participating students on the day of the contest. Schools can organise several test sessions throughout the day if necessary.

A few days before the contest, the Coordinator receives an access link to the contest web page.

After the contest we automatically retrieve the data via the internet, take care of the corrections and establish rankings. The school receives all the prizes at the end of May.

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