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English Every Day is 100% fun. Watch our video to discover more.

Fun for everyone

With games this entertaining, practising English in the English Every Day app never feels like work. Reward students with game time in class. They’ll love earning badges and competing with their friends in the rankings. English Every Day is beneficial to all students, not just the best. Kids can set their own pace, spending extra time on challenging topics while receiving encouraging messages on their progress.

Private and secure

You and your students’ personal information and data are protected. We never share information with third parties meaning you can use the Game Zone with complete peace of mind.

What they say

I discovered the Game Zone recently and my students love it! They are really motivated for the next contest. Thank you to the whole team.

Ms M.


Very motivating for students, especially the new training space “The Game Zone”.

Ms Lili.


My students loved it and were really driven to get extra practice on the site and with the Game Zone.

Ms Kellington


I have just discovered the YES NO in the Game Zone (it was my students who told me about it !) and I think it’s really fabulous. And it’s great that they can hear the correct pronunciation of the words. It’s addictive once you get started! Great idea!



I asked my class if they wanted to play in the Game Zone and they all said “YES”. We are getting ready to win The Big Challenge.

Mr S.



Are the questions used in the apps the same level as contest questions?
All of the questions in the Quiz are official Big Challenge questions from previous years.
Do you have to open an account to use the games?
Absolutely not. You can use them as much as you like without opening an account. However, if you want to keep track of your points and accumulate them to take part in the rankings, you must of course have an account so that we can assign your points to you. But the account works with a username; no other personal information is visible on the site.
Do you have to pay to use the games?
No, they are free of charge. And you can play as often as you like.
Do the games work on tablets and smartphones?
Yes, all of our games are designed to work on tablets and on all smartphones (iOS and Android).
The game isn’t working on my computer. What can I do?
Our games have been developed using the latest technology with responsive formats that adapt to whatever device you are using: computers, tablets and smartphones on Android and iOS. That is why they might not work on your computer, especially if you are using an older version of a browser. In this case, you should update your browser or download a more efficient browser like Chrome for example.

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