A new application for all level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4.

Events throughout the year.

To progress in English day after day while having fun. 

From registration to the end-of-year contest.


A captivating game

The Big Challenge PLAY replaces English Every Day at the start of the September 2022 school year.
This platform offers a new, engaging experience for students that covers the entire program and language skills in a fun and educational way.

Available on tablet, smartphone and computer.

To be motivated all year round 

The students will have to face challenges to progress. They will compete with others, but also cooperate. Their efforts will be rewarded and their victories celebrated. They will want to surpass themselves.



With individual and group events

Every 15 days, students can take part in a new event.

And the year is marked by the Class Challenge (one session in December and one session in March), and the Solo Challenge (in March). These national events will improve class cohesion and reward everyone’s involvement! Special prizes will be sent to the colleges for the winning students and classes.

A content developed by teachers

Specially designed for Level 1, level 2 and level 3 students, the application covers the entire English program. A wide range of skills are tested with quizzes, fill-in-the-blank texts, sentences to be recomposed…



A personalized training program


The content of the application is adapted to each student, who can choose to deepen a subject seen in class or discover something new.

And every day, the student can take up the challenge and try to pass the exercises that were the most difficult. Ideal for learning from mistakes!



Accessible everywhere, easily

In the classroom or at home, on smartphones, tablets and computers: students log in to their account and off they go. They can play for just a few minutes or longer, and learn at their own pace.

A precious tool for teachers

You can let your students play on their own – no need to get involved if you don’t want to or don’t have time. But if you want, the platform offers you a real toolbox to monitor your students’ progress, give them homework at the click of a button, identify their gaps and strengths at the individual and class level.

Even more motivation with PLAY+

Functionalities PLAY PLAY+
Access to a selection of exercises for each theme    
Access to a selection of events    
Daily login rewards    
Mode Versus    
Bonus and Boosters    
Basic monitoring of student progress    
Give homework on a selection of each theme    
Access to all the exercises of each theme  
Access to all events in the application  
Adaptation of the content of the exercises to each student  
Offline mode  
Dark/night mode  
Identification of individual and collective gaps/strengths  
Give homework on all the exercises in each theme  



Can my pupils take part in the contest if my school doesn’t have (enough) computer equipment?

Yes, there are several ways to participate:

  • For schools with computers/tablets, pupils can do the test 100% online
  • For schools where this isn’t an option, you can project the test questions onto a screen in class and have your pupils fill in answer sheets printed from your teacher’s account
  • Alternatively, you can print both the question papers and answer sheets from your teacher’s account
What do I need to do to organise the test?

Before the test, you need to prepare the questions and answer sheets:

  1. Download the audio files (for listening questions) and the answer sheets from your teacher’s account. Print out an answer sheet for each participant.
  2. For the questions:
    • If you wish to project the questions, you will need to do it during the test and play the audio files when necessary
    • If you are unable to project the questions, download the contest questions in addition to the answer sheets and print a copy per pupil.

After the test, collect the filled-in answer sheets, scan them and upload them to your teacher’s account.

You don’t need to do anything else. We take care of marking the papers, calculating the scores and working out the rankings. Once that’s done, we’ll send the prizes to your school.

Will my pupils be able to do the listening questions?

Yes, listening questions are accessible to all. Download the audio files from your teacher’s account ahead of time and play them during the test. This way, everyone can benefit - even if they don’t have a computer or a tablet.

How do I return the answer sheets to be marked?

The answer sheets can be downloaded from your teacher’s account, printed and distributed to your pupils. Once they’ve filled them in, you can scan them and upload the files to your teacher’s account. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Request your information kit

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