The Big Challenge Play app offers a very complete game with more than 7,000 questions for each level, from level 1 to level 5, based on the school program. It allows your students to have a regular and always positive contact with the English language.


A platform designed for students

Accessible at school or at home, the application is beneficial for all students, no matter their level. You can get involved with your students, or let them progress by themselves. 




Motivation above all

Essential in the learning process, motivation is at the heart of the platform. Participating in a game with your classmates, progressing through the levels, being rewarded for perseverance… these are all incentives to create a real engagement among students, including those who do not have the best level of English.


Language skills at the core

The content of the platform is based on the school program and focuses on the language activities defined by the CEFR (oral and visual comprehension, reading comprehension, writing), intercultural knowledge as well as grammar and vocabulary. The exercises are accessible and varied in their format and level of difficulty.


A personalized progression

There is always some heterogeneity among students, which can be difficult to manage. The Big Challenge PLAY+ app is a flexible tool that engages the more comfortable students through the variety of topics covered in the app while supporting the less comfortable students through targeted exercises and repetition.

A tool to incorporate into the course

You can let students play from home, but if you wish you can integrate the platform into your courses. Here are some suggestions.


Practice, repeat, deepen

Interacting with students and correcting exercises together is important, but it is also time consuming. With The Big Challenge PLAY app, the training phase can be made more efficient, as students receive direct feedback for each exercise, without you having to do the corrections yourself. The platform therefore makes it very easy to reinforce skills and review specific topics.


At different learning speeds

For the fastest students, playing on The Big Challenge PLAY can be a reward – and for the slowest, an incentive. For you, the platform has several advantages: you don’t have to prepare or design additional exercises in advance, but you can still flexibly access more than 7,000 questions organized by topic for each grade level.

An independent use for students

You can integrate the platform into your classes, but you can also let your students play on their own – no need to get involved if you don’t want to or don’t have the time.


Independent learning

The tool is interactive, allowing each student to play independently and ensuring individualized learning focused on their needs. In addition, the game time is limited by an energy system to avoid excessive use.


Accessible everywhere

The platform can be used outside of class. You can even assign tasks to some of your students or to your whole class. Very practical in case of replacement courses or distance learning.

Easy to set up



The use of the app requires tablets, smartphones, PCs, or laptops and an internet connection. Since students can log into their user accounts on different devices, they do not necessarily have to use their private devices at school.

Private and secure

Your data and your students’ data are secure.
Your students will never see your personal information, and we don’t share any data with third parties.
You can use our applications with complete peace of mind.


Can my pupils take part in the contest if my school doesn’t have (enough) computer equipment?

Yes, there are several ways to participate:

  • For schools with computers/tablets, pupils can do the test 100% online
  • For schools where this isn’t an option, you can project the test questions onto a screen in class and have your pupils fill in answer sheets printed from your teacher’s account
  • Alternatively, you can print both the question papers and answer sheets from your teacher’s account
What do I need to do to organise the test?

Before the test, you need to prepare the questions and answer sheets:

  1. Download the audio files (for listening questions) and the answer sheets from your teacher’s account. Print out an answer sheet for each participant.
  2. For the questions:
    • If you wish to project the questions, you will need to do it during the test and play the audio files when necessary
    • If you are unable to project the questions, download the contest questions in addition to the answer sheets and print a copy per pupil.

After the test, collect the filled-in answer sheets, scan them and upload them to your teacher’s account.

You don’t need to do anything else. We take care of marking the papers, calculating the scores and working out the rankings. Once that’s done, we’ll send the prizes to your school.

Will my pupils be able to do the listening questions?

Yes, listening questions are accessible to all. Download the audio files from your teacher’s account ahead of time and play them during the test. This way, everyone can benefit - even if they don’t have a computer or a tablet.

How do I return the answer sheets to be marked?

The answer sheets can be downloaded from your teacher’s account, printed and distributed to your pupils. Once they’ve filled them in, you can scan them and upload the files to your teacher’s account. We’ll take care of the rest. 

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