What is the right licence for your students?

The application The Big Challenge PLAY, available all year round, is a source of motivation for students. They can play at their own pace, participate in events throughout the year, and have access to quality content to help them improve their English day by day.

With the license The Big Challenge PLAY+, students have even more content (over 7,000 questions per level), even more events (including the CLASS Challenge and the SOLO Challenge), even more prizes, even more fun, and ultimately even more motivation !

Whatever licence you choose, you don’t need to get involved if you don’t have time. You just have to let the students work independently.


Functionalities PLAY PLAY+
Access to a selection of exercises for each theme    
Access to a selection of events    
Daily login rewards    
Mode Versus    
Bonus and Boosters    
Basic monitoring of student progress    
Give homework on a selection of each theme    
Access to all the exercises of each theme  
Access to all events in the application  
Adaptation of the content of the exercises to each student  
Offline mode  
Dark/night mode  
Identification of individual and collective gaps/strengths  
Give homework on all the exercises in each theme  



What are differences between The Big Challenge PLAY and PLAY+?

The Big Challenge PLAY+ is the premium version of the free application, The Big Challenge PLAY. It gives access to more content, more functionality and more events to keep students motivated!
If you would like to know more about the differences between these two versions of our application, we invite you to compare them on the website.


What happened to English Every Day?

As of September 2022, English Every Day no longer exists. But don't worry, we've included the most popular aspects in our new app The Big Challenge PLAY. Like English Every Day, The Big Challenge PLAY has free games and many new features.

Students' accounts from English Every Day have not been lost. Students can log in to The Big Challenge PLAY with the same data, i.e. the same login name and password.
The only thing they have to do is to download the new application and continue practising.


What are the registration fees for TBC PLAY+?

The registration fee for our The Big Challenge PLAY+ programme is 5,00 euros.
This only includes the use of our application and participation in the events that take place on it throughout the year, but not participation in contest of The Big Challenge .
If you also want to participate in the competition, you can choose our offer the Big Challenge ONE.

The Big Challenge PLAY is the free version of our application.

Is there a free version?

Yes, The Big Challenge PLAY can be used for free. Students can register themselves and play selected educational games throughout the year. 

Are there any prizes to be won with PLAY or PLAY+?

In our Big Challenge PLAY+ programme, we run various events throughout the year, such as the Solo Challenge and the Class Challenge. These events allow students to win great prizes throughout the year.
Participation in the CLASS and SOLO Challenges is open to students with a PLAY+ Big Challenge licence, but there will also be PLAY events with small prizes to be won.