The events

included in

To engage all students, even the less confident, throughout the school year!

The DAILY challenge

To encourage regularity.

Practicing regularly is the best way to progress in English.
With The DAILY Challenge, every day the student can answer a series of a few questions based on the mistakes he made during his previous training sessions.

If he is regular and participates at least 10 days during the month, he validates the Challenge and wins the cup of the month!





The WEEKLY Challenge

To reward involvement. 

Each time the student comes on the application, plays, spends time on the game, and progresses in the game, we record points that are accumulated during the whole week.
At the end of the week, the ranking rewards the most involved students this week!

The POSTCARD Challenge

To review the topics already studied.

Each month, a new postcard to collect.
The student answers a series of questions on themes previously studied in the application. If they succeed in unlocking the 12 themes of the Challenge, they get the postcard of the month and add it to their collection!



More inclusive events with


Over the past few years, many of you have asked us to develop a tool that would allow you to involve more students in your classes. And especially those who do not feel confident enough to register for the contest.
To answer that need, in addition to the events available on The Big Challenge PLAY app, we’re offering inclusive events with the PLAY+ option.

These events will allow you to include all your students from the beginning of the school year: no grade at the end, but only the opportunity to play, and to participate in the victory of their class. All students have their place, the least confident as well as the best. Here, we do not measure the level, but the involvement. Because we know, as you do, that commitment is the key to their success.

No extra work for you. Once you have registered, your students will stimulate each other. And they will amaze you!

We measure involvement, not the level


All students participate and can win, no matter what their English level is.

Ideal for getting as many students as possible involved in the adventure.
These events are designed to increase student involvement.

Regardless of the event, there is no grade at the end. Only the level of involvement counts.

The CLASS Challenge

To unite ALL students in the class, regardless of their level.

All students in the class participate in the CLASS Challenge event. A class can participate in the first session in December, the second session in March, or both. Each point earned on the application is added to the points accumulated by the class. Everyone participates in the victory of the group.

There is no individual result, only the overall level of involvement of the class. It is the whole class that wins. Students play to win together. The goal of this event is to create real stimulation within the group.

Two CLASS Challenges will be held this year: December 1-15, 2022, and March 8-22, 2023.







The SOLO Challenge

To reward individual effort

All registered students who wish to participate in the SOLO Challenge can do so. All they have to do is log in to the application and play. Throughout the event, the more they play, the more points they score, the higher they climb in the leagues… and the more chances they have to win a great prize!

This way, all students have an equal chance of winning, regardless of their English level. And it’s because there is true equality of opportunity that this event is so motivating.

The SOLO Challenge will take place from January 18 to 31, 2023.

Prizes for every PLAY+ event


At the end of the CLASS Challenge and SOLO Challenge, many prizes will be distributed to reward and congratulate the winners: trophies for the winning classes, escape games, medals, smartphones, and much more!

Questions / Answers

Qu'est-ce que The Big Challenge PLAY ?

The Big Challenge PLAY est notre nouvelle application, qui remplace l'application English Every Day. Gamme complète de jeux couvrant une large palette de compétences pour l’apprentissage de l’anglais, elle propose tous les jeux qui ont fait le succès d'English Every Day, et propose en plus une expérience de jeu inédite et motivante.

The Big Challenge PLAY peut être utilisé gratuitement. Tous les élèves du collège peuvent s'y inscrire eux-mêmes et jouer à des jeux éducatifs tout au long de l'année. 

The Big Challenge PLAY+ est la version enrichie de PLAY, avec encore plus de questions, de jeux, d'événements et de lots. L'accès à PLAY+ se fait sur abonnement. Les élèves de 6e, 5e et 4e peuvent s'abonner par l'intermédiaire de leur enseignant, ou bien directement avec l'aide de leurs parents.

Est-ce que mes élèves doivent être inscrits au concours pour avoir accès à PLAY ?

Non, vos élèves n'ont pas besoin d'être inscrits au jeu-concours pour utiliser l'application PLAY. Ils peuvent pratiquer l'anglais toute l'année et participer à une sélection d'événements indépendamment du concours.
Les élèves de 6e, 5e et 4e peuvent également débloquer tout le contenu et tous les évènements de l'application en s'abonnant à PLAY+ directement depuis l'application.

Si vous souhaitez inscrire vos élèves aux événements The Big Challenge PLAY+ et au jeu-concours The Big Challenge CONTEST, vous pouvez choisir notre offre The Big Challenge ONE.

The Big Challenge PLAY est-il ouvert à tous les niveaux ?

L'application The Big Challenge PLAY est disponible pour tout élèves de collèges.

Mais pour l'instant la licence The Big Challenge PLAY+, qui inclut l'accès à plus de contenu et à tous les événements de classe, est ouverte seulement aux élèves de 6e, 5e et 4e.
Les autres niveaux seront ajoutés sur la plateforme au fur et à mesure.

Qu'est devenu English Every Day?

A partir de septembre 2022, English Every Day n'existe plus. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, nous avons inclus les aspects les plus populaires dans notre nouvelle application The Big Challenge PLAY. Tout comme English Every Day, The Big Challenge PLAY propose des jeux gratuits et de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Les comptes English Every Day des élèves ne sont pas perdus. Les élèves peuvent se connecter à The Big Challenge PLAY avec le même identifiants et le même mot de passe.
La seule chose qu'ils doivent faire est donc de télécharger la nouvelle application et de continuer à s'entraîner.

Quelle est la différence entre PLAY et PLAY+?

The Big Challenge PLAY+ est la version premium de l'application gratuite The Big Challenge PLAYElle donne accès à plus de contenus, plus de fonctionnalité et plus d'évènements afin de toujours plus motiver les élèves !

Si vous souhaitez avoir plus d'informations relatives aux différences entre ces deux versions de notre application, nous vous invitons à les comparer sur le site.