Participation fees

Explanation of the participation fees of The Big Challenge

You will find on this page the details of the registration fees, as well as precise explanations on their use. 

The Big Challenge Play+  
Play free
Play+ 5,2 € / student / year
The Big Challenge Contest    
Contest participation  5 € / student
The Big Challenge One  
Before 30/11/22  7,9 € / student
After 11/30/22 8,9 € / student


How are the entry fees for the competition used? 

The Big Challenge does not benefit from any subsidy and is entirely financed by the participation fees, of which 20% must be deducted for VAT. 

These fees cover :

  • The creation, printing, and mailing of the registration form and posters
  • The elaboration of the questions by qualified English teachers
  • The management of the database of all participants for the calculation of the score and the elaboration of the three rankings
  • Printing of the 60,000 pages of results listings
  • Purchase, manufacture, and storage of prizes (112 pallets this year)
  • The preparation of the 3,000 packages by a service provider
  • The delivery of these 3,000 packages in 24/48 hours to the colleges
  • The current expenses of a company (offices, salaries…).
  • The printing, the preparation of the shipment, and the shipping costs of the material for the contest (questionnaires, answer grids, and return envelopes)
  • The correction of the grids by an optical reading company. 
  • The development of the contest’s functionalities ensures that all students can take part simultaneously. 
  • The development of the teacher account functionalities to manage the results in near real-time.
  • The cost of servers based in Europe to store the data securely.

Why is the Play+ application not free? 

The creation of an application mobilizes a lot of resources. Our developers have worked for many months to provide students with a powerful, feature-rich application. 

Play+ also includes a wealth of content – over 15,000 questions, which were developed by expert English teachers. They continue to create more and more curriculum-related content. 

Play+ also has a lot of events during the school year, for which we have a management fee. And of course, there are prizes for students and classes! 

We want to offer teachers and students a quality application – and we are proud of what we have created! The associated costs are significant, however, so we can’t offer Play+ for free. 

However, we want to offer all students the opportunity to play quality and motivating learning applications, which is why Play, a completely free version, is open to everyone, without any conditions. 

Any questions? 

We are here to answer them!

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