Why Benelux?

Why Benelux?

A bigger, more prestigious challenge

The Benelux Big Challenge

Every year The Big Challenge brings together over 630,000 school children from countries across Europe to take part in a celebration of the English language. For four years, Dutch and Belgian pupils have been part of The Big Challenge experience, competing separately in their respective countries’ events. In 2020, that’s all going to change. For these countries, the challenge is going to get even bigger with the creation of a new Benelux Big Challenge. 

A greater challenge

For the first time, participants from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will be ranked together in a single contest. With more pupils taking part, the challenge is greater and winning is even more prestigious. All pupils, regardless of their level in English, will be proud to represent their school, region and country.

The same contest

The Big Challenge contest will take place on the same day in each of the three countries and the results will be calculated by The Big Challenge team as before. Participants will be tested using identical questions, with no changes to the style or level of questions. 

We are counting on you to join us, and tens of thousands of other competitors in the Benelux region, in this fun and educational English event.

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