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Motivate your students with The Big Challenge

Be part of the 640,000 students each year taking part in this educational, in-school event.

Fabulous prizes to win

The Game Zone

A modern, interactive contest

Easy to organise

100% motivation

Everyone has a chance of winning

Motivation guaranteed

The contest inspires them to do their best.

100% engagement

All students and all levels benefit from taking part.

Fun all year

The Game Zone is an enjoyable way to prepare.

Effort rewarded

They make real progress in English and win a prize.

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With the Game Zone, your students make progress every day while having fun.

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Why must schools register a minimum of 35 students?
In the organisation of the contest, there are costs that are proportional to the number of students registered in a school but there are also considerable overhead costs like printing and shipping, data management, maintenance and updates of the technical infrastructure required for the online contest, server rental, parcel preparation… which remain the same despite fluctuations in contest registration. We have to impose a minimum number of students in order to balance our budget.
Should I register only my best students?
Our goal at The Big Challenge is to motivate all of your students to learn English. Registering only your best students to show off their talents misses the point. Registering everyone, whatever their level, might just create the momentum that will push some of them to make that extra effort and discover that English isn’t that difficult, that they too can improve and succeed.
Who pays the registration fees?

The registration fees are paid by students’ parents or by the school, or sometimes both. Some municipalities help cover the cost as well.

How are the registration fees used?
The Big Challenge receives no financial aid of any kind and is funded exclusively by fees paid by participating students, that is 5€ per student, or 4.17€ once the VAT has been paid. These fees cover the printing and shipping of the registration kits and posters as well as development costs, maintenance and updates of the technical infrastructure required for the online contest, rental of numerous servers needed to operate the contest, management of the data base containing all the participants by an external provider and especially score calculation and the establishment of three rankings, the purchase, production, delivery and storage of prizes, prize parcel preparation by an external provider and finally, delivery of prize parcels to schools. These fees also finance the development and maintenance of our website as well as the different applications so that students can practise free of charge all year long.

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Fabulous prizes to win

  • 100% of participants receive a certificate, a pencil and a poster of an English-speaking city.
  • Students who are first in their level receive a special First Class Honours diploma and a School Award medal.
  • Over 50% of participants receive an additional prize: Bluetooth headphones, speakers, a power bank, an English-language comic book, diaries, flags, English reader books and more.
  • The national and regional winners receive prestigious trophies, the gold First Class National Honours diploma and The Big Challenge T-shirt.
  • With all these prizes, the end-of-year prize-giving ceremony at school is a wonderful occasion to celebrate your students’ achievements.

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Train all year in The Game Zone

Awaken your students’ interest in English with games that they’ll love. Covering a wide range of skills necessary for learning English, the Game Zone games are specially created by teachers to support classroom teaching.

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A modern, interactive contest

The test consists of 45 questions covering vocabulary, grammar, expressions, pronunciation and culture. There are reading comprehension questions based on short texts, and audio extracts to test listening skills. Most questions are accompanied by images to illustrate the question and provide context.

All you need to do this online Contest is a computer or tablet with an internet connection and a pair of headphones for the audio questions. 

Learn more about the online Contest >

Easy to organise

  • Register your students online. 
  • A few days before the contest, we will send you a link to the contest internet page where your student will connect on the day of the contest.
  • You have nothing else to do. Once the contest has taken place, we correct the tests and establish rankings. You will receive the results and prizes towards the end of May.

100% motivation

  • Students train all year in the Game Zone (over 10 million games played in 2018).
  • They are prepared to win the prestigious trophies, medals and tablets.
  • Parents say that they have never seen their children so engaged.
  • With all this additional effort, students make significant progress in English.

Everyone has a chance of winning

  • The Big Challenge is an inclusive event. Thanks to the brand new Game Zone, your students can practise all year long and get ready to give their best on the day of the contest. And to reward their effort, everyone will receive a prize regardless of their score.
  • In addition, in each school, if more than twenty students are registered per level, the student with the best score receives the School Award medal.


The online Contest

The Big Challenge Contest is done on computer or tablet. It is

  • a modern contest, adapted to their learning
  • an interactive experience with text, images and audio

The audio component makes it ideal for testing your students’ listening skills. In addition, the contest is easy to arrange in your school with no papers to receive or send.  You can organise several sessions in one day if you need.

More information about the online Contest >