Ms. Hichh

The students were delighted to participate last year. The contest is very well organized and it's really a good way to motivate them during the year. See you in 2019!

Mr. Smith

Real motivation tool for students! We will take up the challenge this year with my classes.

Ms. Quinn

As head of the competition in our college, I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for the organization of the contest as well as for the rewards that you offer to the students.

Ms. A

This year, I encourage students to come to work in the computer room at the lunch break because the organizers have made real efforts to interest and motivate more. Even students from other classes come! I think this contest is a great way to anchor knowledge while having fun.

Mr. K

This is the first time we participate, the organizers are very responsive. My students are impatient

Ms. Fedmann

Hello the Big Challenge! I would like to say that your organisation is perfect and your contest too! My students enjoy playing with the "Game Zone" , and everybody see their progress! Thank you, and we'll be here every year!

Mr. B

I enrolled a few students for the first time last year. This year, we decided to register all classes!

Ms. M

Hello, my students are eager to discover the contest. This is the first time we participate and everything is perfectly fine. See you soon.

Ms. J K

Real motivation tool for students! We will take up the challenge this year with my classes

Mr. F

I am really happy that an English contest like this exists. It motivates students because it is above all fun but very insctructive. I thank the organizers for their project.

Ms. S

Thank you The Big Challenge for this amazing contest for motivates students!

Ms. Tania

Super project, the whole school is waiting for April 12th

Ms. T.H

The Game Zone is a great tool ! My students really enjoy practicing :)

Ms. J.S

Good project. We'll see very soon if we are the best! :)

Mr. S

The students have adopted the contest and are already working on your site

Ms. F.K

Thank you for a new fun tradition at the end of the school year! Our first Big Challenge was a great experience so we're signing up for the next one. My students can't wait!

Mr. Fullen

Thank you for the online games space. I have just started training with my students and they love it

Ms. Andersen

I have heard only nice things about this competition so I've decided to organise it in my school next year. The Big Challenge here we come!

Mr. Ericksson

This is the first time I organize the contest and my students are ecstatic!

Mr. Sönnenjorg

What an amazing project! Keep up the good work and thank you!

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