A great motivation tool

What is The Big Challenge?

• The Big Challenge is an online English language contest for secondary school students.
• It is a fun and educational event that is held every year across Europe between March and May.
• The contest takes place in schools on individual computers or tablets.
• Students have 45 minutes to answer 45 questions covering listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture.
• Schools receive their students’ results along with their prizes shortly after.

It motivates students

• Students practise all year long on our free games (Questions, QuizYes NoBig Quiz and Verb Ace). Over 8 million games were played in 2017!
• They want to work harder in order to get top results and win the prestigious cups, medals and electronic prizes.
• Parents say they have never seen their son or daughter so excited about any school subject.
• With all the extra effort made preparing for the contest, students can’t help but progress in English.

Contest organisation is simple

• The Big Challenge is an online contest, so it is easy to organise in your school.
• In each school, a teacher is designated BIG CHALLENGE COORDINATOR and will be our contact person.
• The Coordinator registers the school online and ensures that there will be enough computers or tablets with an internet connection for all the participating students the day of the contest. Schools can organise several test sessions throughout the day if necessary.
• A few days before the contest, the Coordinator receives an access link to the contest web page.
• There is nothing else to do. After the contest we automatically retrieve the data via the internet, take care of the corrections and establish rankings. The school receives all the prizes at the end of May.

And, of course, there are prizes…

• 100% of participants receive a diploma and a poster.
• The top students in each level receive the special First Class Honours diploma and the SCHOOL AWARD medal.
• Over 50% of students win another prize: UK and US flags, graphic novels in English, school diaries, graded readers or electronic devices…
• The regional and national winners receive the prestigious cups, the First Class National Honours Gold Diploma and the Big Challenge T-shirt.
• With all these prizes, an awards ceremony organised in your school is a wonderful way to congratulate your students and end the school year on a positive and festive note.

… and the official CERTIFICATE

• Students can download an official certificate with their score and rankings. It attests to their level of English and is a very useful document to keep with their school records.

Contest funding and fees

• The Big Challenge receives no financial aid of any kind and is funded exclusively by fees paid by participants, that is 5€ per student (or 4.17€ once the VAT has been paid).
• These fees cover all the costs related to contest organisation as well as development, maintenance and updates of the technical infrastructure required for the online contest, rental of numerous servers needed to operate the contest, management of the database containing all the participants by an external provider and especially score calculation and the establishment of three rankings, the purchase, production, delivery and storage of prizes, prize parcel preparation by an external provider and finally, delivery of prize parcels to schools. These fees also finance the development and maintenance of our website as well as the different applications so that students can practise free of charge all year long.

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