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The Big Challenge is a major English language contest open to all students from primary to secondary school across Europe every spring, attracting over 250,000 participants. It’s an opportunity to assess your students’ English skills, win prizes and receive an official certificate.

It’s easy to organize and has a significant impact on student motivation.

Additionally, The Big Challenge offers in-Class Activities, including self-corrected homework and a Class Challenge, to bring the whole class together for enjoyable events throughout the year.

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+ 650.000  


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27 March – 29 April 2024

+ 650 000  
 + 20 000
+ 6 000 
27 March – 29 April

The contest, a European event

By registering your students for the contest, you not only give them the opportunity to take part in a national event, but also offer them a unique, motivating and positive experience from start to finish. All participants receive prizes at the end of the year, regardless of their performance in the contest.


Class activities to motivate all students, all year round

As an add on to the contest, class activities are a fun way to complement your lessons and help you manage homework assignments.

 Thanks to the numerous themes available, you can assign homework to your students, which will self-correct, and monitor their progress. In addition, CLASS Challenge events bring students together, whatever their level.


Why The Big Challenge? 


A powerful motivational tool


For all students


All year round


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