Class activities

Class activities

As an option, in addition to the contest, you can access activities that will enable your whole class to learn and progress in English all year round. All you need to do is opt for The Big Challenge ONE option when you register your students.
Teachers can manage the activities from their personal accounts, and students can access them on the dedicated section of The Big Challenge PLAY application.
The aim of the class activities is to give English teachers a powerful digital tool that will enable them to complement their lessons in a fun and educational way, that will relieve them of the task of marking homework, and that will unite all the students around motivating events.

For the whole class

The whole year’s programme

Progress monitoring

Self-corrected homework

Private & secure




The whole programme

In the class activities section of The Big Challenge PLAY application, students can access questions organised by theme.
For each grade level, from primary to secondary, there are dozens of themes covering the programme. Each theme contains dozens of questions and exercises, in the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank texts or pairings.
Audio is an important part of the content.

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Progress monitoring

The teacher account allows you to monitor individual student progress.
It gives access to each student’s activity history, and identifies strengths and areas for improvement.

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Self-corrected homework

In the teacher account, you can assign self-corrected homework to a particular class or student.
Simply choose a topic, a difficulty level, a number of questions and a deadline. Students will see the assignment appear on their The Big Challenge PLAY account and the assignments will be automatically marked!

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The CLASS Challenge

The CLASS Challenge is an event for the whole class. For 3 weeks, the students play to win together. The aim of this event is to create real stimulation within the group.

The CLASS Challenge will take place from 10 to 31 January 2024.

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The Big Challenge provides you with a set of resources that will enable you to set up The Big Challenge tools in your school.

How do I register my students?

Class activities are an independent option to the contest. You can register all the students in your school or just a few. You can find the conditions for registration on this page.

To register, simply go to this page and choose the number of licences you want. You can register all or some of your students.


What are Class Activities?

Class Activities is a new section of The Big Challenge PLAY training app.

This section groups all questions by theme, enables teachers to assign self-corrected homework and track student progress.

It also provides access to special events throughout the year, which aim to unite the whole class, such as the CLASS Challenge.


How are contents created?

The content of the Class Activities has been created by teachers and conforms with education curriculum. The content is continuously updated and improved, thanks to feedback from students and teachers.

What are the registration fees for Class Activities?

Registration for the Class Activities is independent of the contest. You can register all or some of your students for the Class Activities, whether or not they are registered for the contest.

To register your students, you only have to chose the number of licenses you want. You can then assign each license to a student, who will then have access to all class activities for the whole year.

Annual licence fee per student :



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