A training application for the contest.

Fun educational games, with tens of thousands of questions.

For all students from primary to secondary school.

Accessible free of charge now!



Your students have fun practicing English

Covering a wide range of English learning skills, The Big Challenge PLAY games have been specially created by teachers to help your students progress in a fun way.

The Big Challenge PLAY games are totally free and accessible to everyone all year round. Spark your students’ interest in English and prepare them for the Big Challenge with games they’ll love.

Available on tablet, smartphone and computer.

Fun for everyone

With The Big Challenge PLAY, practicing English becomes a game. Your students will love progressing, taking part in events and advancing in the rankings. The Big Challenge PLAY is useful for all students, not just the best: everyone can go at their own pace.


The ideal preparation for The Big Challenge

Students deepen their vocabulary and oral comprehension skills, and practice questions from previous quizzes. An excellent program to get you ready for D-day!



Easily accessible anywhere

In the classroom or at home, on smartphone, tablet or computer: students log in to their account and off they go. They can play for just a few minutes or for longer, and learn at their own pace.

You can let your students play on their own – no need to get involved if you don’t want to or don’t have the time. But if you wish, the platform offers you a follow-up of your students’ activity.

Private and secure

Your data and those of your students are secure.
Your students will never see your personal information, and we don’t share any data with third parties.
You can use our applications with complete peace of mind.


What is The Big Challenge PLAY ?

The Big Challenge PLAY is a new application, which replaces the English Every Day application by offering all the games that made it successful, plus a new and motivating game experience.

The Big Challenge PLAY is free to use. Students can register themselves and play selected educational games throughout the year. 


Is the Big Challenge accessible to every level?

The Big Challenge PLAY is available for all levels of the contest from primary to secondary school.

How can my students access The Big Challenge PLAY?

Your students can easily download The Big Challenge PLAY app and create an account to play it independently and for free. 

You have the possibility to create your students' accounts from your teacher account.



Do my students have to be registered for the contest to access PLAY?

No, your students do not need to be registered for the competition to use PLAY. They can practice English and participate in the events independently of the competition.

However, if they want to access to the previous tests, they have to be registered so they can practise under real test conditions.

How much will the practice cost?

Access to the PLAY practice app is completely free.

If you wish, you can opt for additional "Class activities" licences for your students, but this is optional and independent of the competition.


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