Ms. Emma

Thanks very much for this event. My students enjoyed preparing for it (the apps are very good) and they liked to discover their rankings. And it was fun to organize a party at the end of the school year to present the prizes.

Ms. HJ

Dear all, We think you did a great job by introducing The Big Challenge in The Netherlands. We all hugely enjoyed participating, thank you!

Mr. Alan

We are so grateful for all your good work. Thank you for the wonderful prizes. My students are looking forward to taking the Challenge next year.

Mr. Daniel

The Big Challenge is a great contest. It is so nice to see pupils so excited and motivated about the subject.

Mr. Ellis

I just found out that some apps preparing to the Big Challenge are available online. It is very nice for the students to prepare for the contest while having fun at the same time. We really look forward to participating this year. Thank you!

Ms. E.L

I asked my students if they wanted to take part again this year and the whole class cried YES !

Mr. Goertzen

Our students are already very excited, just like the teachers. We hope that the students will do well and will have al lot of fun.

Mr. Robert

We are very excited about the Big Challenge. It will be our first participation and probably not the last!”

Ms. Tina

We are looking forward to the Big Challenge! The apps are great tools to prepare before the Big Day!

Ms. Libby

What a great idea to have students from so many different countries come together to take the Big Challenge!

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