Mr. MR

Ik heb net me school voor het eerste keer ingeschreven en mijn leerlingen zijn heel erg enthousiast! Ze vinden het heel erg leuk met de apps te oefenen en zijn nu al benieuwd naar de prijzen. We hebben er zin in!

Ms. JK

Ik doe al het derde keer mee en vind het een ontzettend handige tool om m'n leerlingen te motiveren. De prijzen zijn heel erg leuk en elk jaar zit er iets nieuws bij. Zelfs de leerlingen die soms moeite hebben met de Engelse taal vinden het leuk met de apps te oefenen en een leuke prijs te winnen!

Ms. Kemp

SUPER LEUK we zijn er weer bij dit jaar!!! Bedankt voor de leuke gratis oefeningen :)

Mr. Henk

My pupils cannot wait for the 2018 Edition! Can't wait to see what's new this year.

Mr. Hubert

This was our first time, so next year we will be able to better anticipate on how to organise everything even better. But it was great!

Ms. Junkers

The students really liked the contest! Our ceremony will take place in the middle of June. We will send you photos :)

Ms. Keller

We received all our prizes and have held our awards ceremony. It was really fun using the video - just like the Academy Awards. It made the ceremony exciting. Our thanks to the Big Challenge Team!

Mr. M.K.

Thank you for a well-organised contest, it worked out well online.

Ms. Hanneke

We are waiting for the results now. Hopefully we did a good job. I will be proud of my students anyway, no matter what the result will be.

Ms. Wouters

I really like this challenge! I hope I win! Groetjes Bjarn

Ms. ML

Well done for all the improvements! The apps on your site are very interactive and the variety of prizes is excellent. I’ve signed up lots of my students – they can’t wait!

Mr. HvR

My students and I are delighted to take part in The Big Challenge for the first time. My students are more motivated than ever to learn English. It’s a great pleasure to be involved in this contest!

Ms. Verbeek

Erg leuk initiatief, wij zijn enthousiast!

Mr. Laurens

Just received the information kit and we’re very excited to participate! The students already love the apps

Ms. HJ

Dear all, We think you did a great job by introducing The Big Challenge in The Netherlands. We all hugely enjoyed participating, thank you!

Mr. Goertzen

Our students are already very excited, just like the teachers. We hope that the students will do well and will have al lot of fun.

Mw v. L.

Hi! We are very excited about the big challenge, we hope that we can participate.

Dhr. K

Dear Big Challenge Team,
I have received information about the big challenge and I am very enthusiastic about it. Thank you very much!

Mw. N.

Dear Sir/Madam,
we think this is a great initiative and we can envision how it would impact our learners positively.
Looking forward to participate!

Sweden: 21/06/2015

We are so grateful that you organised The Big Challenge in Sweden & we could participate.
Thanks for the wonderful prizes.
Looking forward to May 2016.

Ms. R.
Germany: 20/06/2015

Excellent organisation ! Thanks to your whole team !
We really appreciated the diversity and quantity of the prizes we received!

Austria: 20/06/2015

The Big Challenge was a wonderful experience in our school this year. The students enjoyed the competitive aspect and it was fun organizing an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Our thanks to the Big Challenge team!

Spain: 11/06/2015

Thanks very much for this event. My students enjoyed preparing for it (the apps are very good) and they liked to discover their rankings. And it was fun to organize a party at the end of the school year to present the prizes.

Ms. S.
Sweden: 15/06/2015

Thank you for a fantastic competition, very well organized and with a fun website and nice prizes. We are looking forward to interacting with schools from other countries and are looking forward to next year´s competition!

France: 10/06/2015

Thanks so much for your email informing me that one of my students won the regional super cup. We are all thrilled! And I would also like to thank you for such a great contest. You are always so helpful and efficient whenever we have questions or difficulties. Finally, heartfelt thanks for promoting this wonderful language and giving us a reason to celebrate it every year!

Mr. A
Sweden: 03/06/2015

We’ll certainly be participating again, the students loved it and were really driven to get extra practice on the site and with the apps.

Germany: 28/05/2015

I have just discovered the YES NO Game (it was my students who told me about it !) and I think it’s really fabulous. And it’s great that they can hear the correct pronunciation of the words. It’s addictive once you get started! Great idea!

France: 01/05/2015

I am so pleased to see how enthusiastic my students are this year. They’ve been training hard and stressing a bit, but everyone seems delighted with the experience. As far as I’m concerned, they are all winners if they learn a bit of English through their efforts. But we’ll still be happy to have prizes to hand out ;-)!!

Spain: 20/04/2015

Thank you for a fun new tradition at the end of the school year!

Ms. E.
France: 28/03/2015

My students have started practising for the contest and they are really enjoying it. The YES NO Game is particularly fun for them. And they can play it on their smartphone. Good idea!

Germany: 19/02/2015

I asked my students if they wanted to take part again this year and the whole class cried YES !

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