Teacher pack

The Teacher Pack

For the 25th anniversary of the Big Challenge, we wanted to do something special for teachers. So we’ve put together a Teacher Pack full of surprises for you and your classes! It will be sent to all schools registered before 19 December 2023. Here are the contents of each Teacher Pack:


The Plot Deck

Plot Deck is a storytelling game that is limited only by your students’ imagination. It was created by The Big Challenge exclusively for teachers.

Create unique stories every time you play and stimulate your students’ creativity with this fun game.

You’ll receive a digital version after registration so you can use it as a teaching tool in class or give it to your students to play with each other.

Educational posters

Posters that will interest your students and decorate your classrooms!

Flags in English colours

Flags of English-speaking countries to brighten up and decorate your classrooms. They will be sent to your school in January.

Access to past contest papers in real conditions

All your students will have access to past years’ exam papers under real conditions on The Big Challenge PLAY application: they will be able to choose their level and launch the game like a mock exam with a 45-minute timer. They will then find out the score they would have obtained on past subjects.

Students can practise as often as they like so that they feel ready for the big day. You can also use it as a very useful tool in the classroom.

And more surprises to come… Stay tuned!


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