The two Formats of the test

Students can take part in the same contest in two different ways: On paper or online. 

Taking the test Online

The contest can be taken very easily online. All you need is an internet connection. Students can take the test on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You can organise as many sessions as you like over the contest period so all the students can take part.

You’ll find the link to the contest and the access code for your school in your teacher account. All the students at your school have the same access code to make it easier for you. 

Students’ answers are recorded automatically, and we take care of the assessment – you don’t have to do anything else. 

You’ll be able to see your students’ results the day after they take the test in your teacher account.

The online format is very easy to use and perfectly intuitive, even for primary school students. Check out the demo here

Taking the test on Paper

As with the Online contest, you’ll find all the elements in your teacher account:

  • The contest papers
  • The Audio files
  • The Answer sheets for students

The papers can be printed so that each student has a copy, or projected on the wall with a projector.

The audio files are needed for the listening comprehension questions. You can have your students listen to them directly from the teacher account, or download them beforehand. 

The answer sheets need to be printed for each student. After the test you can just upload them to your teacher account. We’ll take care of the rest.



What format should you choose for the contest?

Your students can take the quiz in Flexible format (on paper) or Online format (directly online, with audio questions). The Online format allows to test students' audio comprehension.

To set up an Online format, students need to have access to the contest's website and be able to play the audios. However, this format can be organized over several sessions throughout the contest period.

You can choose to have some of your students take the contest in the Flexible format, and others in the Online format.

What is the difference between the Flexible format and the Online format?

Both formats consist of questions that the student must answer in 45 minutes.

The Flexible format questionnaire is a printed sheet and assesses the student's written and oral comprehension using the audio content available in the teacher account.

The Online format questionnaire also assesses written and oral comprehension, in particular with the help of audio content available in total autonomy when the student takes the test.


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